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Toshiyuki Morikawa (森川 智之, Morikawa Toshiyuki, born January 26, 1967) is a Japanese voice actor and singer who is the head of Axlone, a voice acting company he founded in April 2011.[1] His name is also sometimes mistranslated as Tomoyuki Morikawa. In 2003, he and Fumihiko Tachiki formed the band "2Hearts", one of their works being the ending theme of the video game Dynasty Warriors 4: Empires. He has voiced many characters in anime and video games, including Kengo Akechi in Kindaichi Case Files, Sephiroth in the Final Fantasy series and Kingdom Hearts series, Dante in Devil May Cry, Isshin Kurosaki in Bleach, Minato Namikaze in Naruto: Shippuden, both Eneru and Hatchan in One Piece, Tyki Mikk in D.Gray-man, Naraku in InuYasha, Griffith in the 1997 series of Berserk, and the main and titular character of Tekkaman Blade. He attended Katsuta Voice Actor's Academy with Kotono Mitsuishi, Chisa Yokoyama, Wataru Takagi, Sachiko Sugawara and Michiko Neya. Because of his deep voice, he is often cast as imposing characters. He has dubbed-over many actors in Japanese such as: Tom Cruise, Adam Sandler, Keanu Reeves, Brad Pitt, Ewan McGregor and Mark Wahlberg's roles.

He provided the voice of the Ryo in Crazy Cross.

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