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Tokimeki Memorial Taisen Puzzle-Dama original soundtrack is the soundtrack for Tokimeki Memorial Taisen Puzzle-Dama. The music was composed by Konami Kukeiha Club and distributed by King Records.

The soundtrack was released on CD on April 25, 1996 in Japan.

Track list[]

  1. Tokimeki (Opening Title)
  2. Which Girl Will You Chose? (Character Select)
  3. At the Foot of the Legendary Tree (Legendary Tree Explanation Demo)
  4. Fun! Fun! Summer Vacation (Map Movement)
  5. Rival of Love (Pre-Battle Contention)
  6. Time Reflected in Your Eyes (Battle Mode Stage)
  7. More! More! Tokimeki (Confession Mode Stage)
  8. One More Breath (In the Lead)
  9. Step Up (Winning Clear)
  10. Love Lesson (Practice Mode Stage)
  11. Your Short Sleeves (Endurance Mode Stage)
  12. Please, Stop! (Danger)
  13. Lost Love (Losing Clear)
  14. Attack Once More (Continue)
  15. Just a Few Memories... (Shiori Fujisaki's Theme)
  16. Aim! For the Goal of Love! (Yumi Saotome's Theme)
  17. I Want to Gaze at You (Nozomi Kiyokawa's Theme)
  18. Teenage (Saki Nijino's Theme)
  19. That Shop on the Way to School (Megumi Mikihara's Theme)
  20. Baby Bird in a Basket (Yukari Koshiki's Theme)
  21. A Sonata for You (Mio Kisaragi's Theme)
  22. More Than Anyone Else in the World (Yuna Himoo's Theme)
  23. Jumping Smile (Yuuko Asahina's Theme)
  24. Temptation in Your Eyes (Mira Kagami's Theme)
  25. Boy Friends (Ayako Saotome's Theme)
  26. Check, It's a Check! (Yoshio Saotome's Theme)
  27. Omakase Network (Yoshio's Stage)
  28. High Class Pedigree (Rei Ijuuin's Theme)
  29. Fight! (Ijuuin's Stage)
  30. Confession (Arrival at the Legendary Tree)
  31. Carrying My Feelinds Onward (Final Stage)
  32. Goal of Love (All Clear)
  33. When We're Together (Happy Ending)
  34. Poem of the Effeminate Losers (Bad Ending)
  35. An Album with a Single Page (Endurance Level Battle Data Display Demo)