"A penguin employed at the Marutama Aquarium. Also narrates the demo of the first game."

- Description from Pixel Puzzle Collection

Penkuro (ペンクロー, Penkurō), is the main character in the Taisen Puzzle-Dama series which also appears in the Parodius series.


Penkuro is a purple penguin who works at the Marutama Aquarium as an entertainer. He also gives puzzle-ball lessons, appearing as an instructor in the first game's attract mode.

In the second game he is considerably fatter than before, having earned a daily course of Alaskan King Salmon by the wife of Marutama Castle. The Crazy Cross Class is C.


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  • "Are You Listening To Me?" (Penkuro's Ending)

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  • "Urrgh!! I'm Stuffed!!" (Penkuro's Ending)

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