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Paro Wars (パロウォーズ) is a turn-based strategy video game produced by Konami on September 1997 in Japan only (with the re-release as a Konami the Best title in December 1999). It features characters and conflicts based upon the popular Parodius series of video games which in turn is a parody of the long running Gradius series. It is the last installment of the Parodius series and is the Parodius equivalent to Cosmic Wars, a turn-based strategy game set in the Gradius universe, or R-Type Tactics, set in the R-Type universe.


  • Momo appears as Robot and was led by Poti and the armie dogs alongside with Pentarou and Hikaru and Akane.
  • Kyo-Chan makes cameo as John Nyan Jiro's puppet in opening cutscene.
  • Penkuro appears as Member of Pentarou, and the ending cutscene.

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